Re: Evolution HEAD in status pages


I'm all for it BUT I have another request, evolution.po is a very big
file it hast nearly 4000 strings, is there any chance that you clear the
po from it's debug messages, or any messages you think aren't relevant
for translation, pls don't forget that we have so many new modules to
work on and the shedule is very tight (gnome 2.6 is for march 8 I think
so last commit hast to be done in fabruary this means "only" 2 months

But including it in the status page hast to be done as evo became part
of the dekstop.

those are my 2 euro cents ;)

Arafat Medini (Arabic gnome maintainer)

Am Mon, 2003-12-15 um 20.22 schrieb Danilo Segan:
> Gnome translators, and Evolution hackers,
> What do you feel about including Evolution HEAD in translation status
> pages, instead of the current 1.4 branch (this includes modules gal,
> gtkhtml and evolution).
> Changes in 1.4 are sufficiently minor that I think we don't need to
> care much about it anymore, and 2.0 was proposed for inclusion in
> Gnome 2.6, which, if accepted, would enlarge Gnome 2.6 desktop by some
> 4k strings itself.  That's the reason I think it's really important to
> get translators' attention as soon as possible (and inclusion in
> status pages is the best way to do that).
> On a similar note, even those who have translated Evolution 1.4 would
> already have some work to do -- HEAD contains around 700 new or
> changed messages, and this will probably grow as a result of either
> bounty work, or further UI development.
> Tell me if I missed anything, but these are the modules I think of:
>  - evolution (from evolution-1-4-branch to HEAD)
>  - evolution-data-server (new module)
>  - gtkhtml (from evolution-1-4-branch to HEAD)
>  - gal (from evolution-1-4-branch to HEAD)
> Since Evolution hackers know better how stable current strings are,
> and whether it would be a wasted effort if one would update
> translation right now, I'm CCing to evolution-hackers list.
> Cheers,
> Danilo
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