Re: Evolution HEAD in status pages

mån 2003-12-15 klockan 20.22 skrev Danilo Segan:
> Gnome translators, and Evolution hackers,
> What do you feel about including Evolution HEAD in translation status
> pages, instead of the current 1.4 branch (this includes modules gal,
> gtkhtml and evolution).
> Since Evolution hackers know better how stable current strings are,
> and whether it would be a wasted effort if one would update
> translation right now, I'm CCing to evolution-hackers list.

So, was there a reply from the evo hackers?

What we translators need to know from evo hackers is basically:
* Will there be more evo 1.4 releases?
* What are the evo hackers' opinion on what evo branch GNOME translators
should focus on now (1.4 or HEAD)?

Evo hackers, I know it's a difficult time, but if you could shed some
light in this area it would be much appreciated. We need to know real
soon if we are supposed to translate evo HEAD.


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