Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?

Christian Rose <> writes:
> So are you volunteering to add that support to the status page code, and
> maintaining such a list of translations that should be ignored, from now
> on?

Sure, I don't expect those to come up too often, and it's pretty easy
to spot them since they don't have a descriptive name associated with

But, there's one problem:  I don't have access to current status pages
code, so I'll have to check with Carlos if that's possible with
current status pages, or should I work on new status pages code (btw,
is code in gnome-i18n/status current? -- last changelog entry is two
months old).

As for new status pages, it seems that it would be sufficient to add
a check to status-translation.c, function status_translation_new(),
and only carry on if the "(gchar*)locale" is not blacklisted.

But, how about current status pages?


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