Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?

Martin Grimme <> writes:
> Am Mi, den 17.12.2003 schrieb Christian Rose um 19:32:
>> So its contents being "fun" to some who can figure out the context is
>> probably only a little benefit, compared to a whole can of drawbacks of
>> much more serious nature. This file should be removed as soon as
>> possible, in my opinion.
> The de_BY.po file has been removed from CVS. I'm sorry that it caused so
> much trouble.

Not that it matters much now, but I'll just add that I would have liked
it better if it was only renamed, rather then removed.

If the problem, as Christian pointed out, is crowding the status
pages with non-existant teams, that should be solved in status pages,
by providing "ignore these translations" option.

Perhaps I'm biased because I was hoping to get a similar sort of
Serbian translation some day.  I agree that it wouldn't be wise to
show that in status pages, but at the same time, those are completely
valid translations which would be used by some (perhaps even many)
people, and keeping them along with packages in CVS is the best way to
do it. Hell, I know at least a dozen people who are not otherwise
using translations, but would use them if they were more funny.

(btw, what has happened to es_ES that once showed up in status pages;
was that PO file removed, or perhaps was 'ignoring' feature added?)

Just my 2c.


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