Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?

ons 2003-12-17 klockan 19.13 skrev Martin Klaffenboeck:
> I would say, this is just for fun.  A translation in a fun slang.  Lets  
> look at:
> #: data/
> msgid "A desktop applet system for GNOME"
> msgstr "A Schreibtisch-Zeigs-Dingads fia's Zwergerl"
> Gnome is translated as dwarf here.   (You know about gnome in a fantasy  
> context, right?)
> You see, it's just fun.  ;-)

Still, the po file with very much incorrect, misleading and confusing
naming being there causes problems, as already pointed out enough times
already in this thread. I won't go into the process of reiteratering
those points.

So its contents being "fun" to some who can figure out the context is
probably only a little benefit, compared to a whole can of drawbacks of
much more serious nature. This file should be removed as soon as
possible, in my opinion.


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