Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?

* Christian Rose <> [2003-12-16 10:40]:
> tis 2003-12-16 klockan 08.47 skrev Ales Nyakhaychyk:
> It seems this file was first commited by pycage (Martin Grimme):
> Is there really supposed to be a "German in Belarus" translation? The
> file contents look bogus to me.

 de_BY is usually used for "German in Bavaria", not Belarus. In Bavaria
they have a quite funny (or strange) slang. So you might think of it as
en_scottish or similar, if you like.

 The contents looks good in that respect. People often ask me if I might
like to work on a de_AT or even de_VI (VI for vienna) locale. It might
be a nice distraction but personally I don't see the real need for it.

 So long,
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