Cross-Language Accelerator Activation


Thai keyboard is a simple 'one keystroke gives one character' kind.
Many Thai users toggle between Thai and English keyboard layouts
pretty often.  For a menu item like,

  msgid  "_File"
  msgstr "_#%$@"

Time to time, a user would hit Alt-# while using English layout,
didn't see the menu activated, switch to Thai layout, and hit Alt-#
again.  How can I make the first Alt-# work?

I noticed that I can activate English accelerators while using Russian
keyboard layout ("gkb-xmmap ru-rev").  But I cannot activate Russian
accelerators while using English layout.  What make it work one way
and not the other?

I use 'setxkbmap th' for Thai layout ('gkb-xmmap th' doesn't work).
Thai<=>English cross-language accelerator activation doesn't work
either way.


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