Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?

Gerfried Fuchs <> writes:
>  de_BY is usually used for "German in Bavaria", not Belarus. In Bavaria
> they have a quite funny (or strange) slang. So you might think of it as
> en_scottish or similar, if you like.

Google search for de_BY turned out only sporadic mentions (if we count
out gdesklets and everything related like .spec files) of it in
relation to Bavaria, so I must doubt that it really is "usually used".

OTOH, this breaks the convention which *is* usually used, and which
makes locale string of the form
where ll is taken from ISO 639-1 and CC from ISO 3166-1 (using these
standards is also part of convention).

I think it's bad to break this convention, and I would rather suggest
to use something like "de@bavaria", or "de@BY", if that's what you
need to distinguish -- gdesklets is not going to be used on any but
POSIXy systems, because that's where Gnome runs.

>  The contents looks good in that respect. People often ask me if I might
> like to work on a de_AT or even de_VI (VI for vienna) locale. It might

de_VI would be as wrong and as misleading as de_BY is, as we could
see these days (otherwise, we wouldn't even have this discussion).

As for the original question, gdesklets is not really a part of
Gnome, it is only hosted on Gnome CVS, and this issue should be
brought up with its maintainers, unless translators come to agreement
themselves :-)


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