Re: Issues with meld and intltool

Hi Stephen,

Stephen Kennedy <> writes:
> I had a quick look. it seems currently intltool does not know how to
> handle python files, so we're stuck for the moment. Any suggestions on
> how to make the i18n process nicer? The first cvs commit comment was
> "I hate non-intltool i18n"

As the one who posted that comment (though, that was a log message,
don't tell me someone reads that ;), I have to reply.

Malcolm has written an excellent guide for setting up build system to
use intltool at

Unfortunately, intltool is tightly coupled with autotools build
system, and that's the biggest hurdle with meld, as far as I could
tell -- it's not using auto* tools.

There are other examples of intltoolized Python programs in Gnome
CVS, like gnome-blog (that's also the name of the module), so it is
not a problem with any autoconf/automake based build system.

intltool has no special provisions for or against Python programs,
because they're supported by xgettext well enough. intltool only
expands on stuff like .desktop, XML, and other files (which also
reminds me that there's no .desktop file for Meld; once you add it,
intltool is really the best tool for the job :).

I guess it shouldn't be too hard to switch from your hardcoded
makefile system to autoconf, but only if you have done it before ;)

Then, everything that applies to C programs in Malcolm's guide, also
applies to Python programs.

And yeah, nice software ;)


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