Re: Issues with meld and intltool

> As the one who posted that comment (though, that was a log message,
> don't tell me someone reads that ;), I have to reply.

Well as the first commit in its new home, I just had to look. 
> Unfortunately, intltool is tightly coupled with autotools build
> system, and that's the biggest hurdle with meld, as far as I could
> tell -- it's not using auto* tools.
> I guess it shouldn't be too hard to switch from your hardcoded
> makefile system to autoconf, but only if you have done it before ;)

Words cannot describe how awful it would be for me to have to use the
auto* tools again. Intltool certainly looks useful and worth supporting.
However for a package which has no configuration nor complile step, I
think using the autotools would be a mistake.

Stephen Kennedy <> visual diff and merge

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