Re: Issues with meld and intltool

On Di, 2003-12-16 at 13:18 +0000, Stephen Kennedy wrote:
> > Meld ( has now moved to GNOME CVS, module "meld".
> > However, from a quick look at it, it seems to have some weirdnesses
> > (files missing, etc.) making it incompatible with intltool and
> > intltool-update. Does anyone have any time for looking into this?
> I had a quick look. it seems currently intltool does not know how to
> handle python files, so we're stuck for the moment. Any suggestions on
> how to make the i18n process nicer? The first cvs commit comment was
> "I hate non-intltool i18n"

Over at gdesklets (CVS modules gdesklets/gdesklets-extras) we just force
intltool to have a look at .py files. It results in useless comments for
translators, but at least it enables proper internationalization.


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