Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?


Am Do, den 18.12.2003 schrieb Martin Grimme um 17:08:
> The file is no longer in CVS Head and I will only revive it if someone
> finds a good solution to this problem and if there's enough interest in
> a bavarian slang translation and somebody volunteers to maintain it. :)

Here would be one solution for the meantime:
Why shouldn't this fun-variant be distribute on a WebSite?
On we also have a page for the "GNOME op platt" (well,
okay, seems to be a more complete variant for more modules, but...).
So why not put this one up, there?

Anyone that's interested in the slang variant, could just grab the
translation from the page...

So, get in touch with Sven Herzberg ( herzi AT )from our
team if you are interested in distributing this thing.


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