Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?

* Christian Rose <> [2003-12-18 15:18]:
> As already stated in this thread, we don't have any feature for ignoring
> "fun" translations in the translation status.

 And I don't think that "ignoring" them would be a good thing. It would
make it harder to update them.

> That means that we can't have de@bavaria.po, sv@swedishchef.po, or
> en@rickilakeshow.po or anything else fun you can think of just yet,
> because for every such fun variant an already long and hard to browse
> list of languages/translation teams gets even longer and harder to
> browse.

 I don't think that
<> is too hard
to browser, but that might be just me....

 One suggestion that would scale quite well (and would aready reduce the
list significantly) is: Why isn't it already grouped by language?  So
you only get the list of languages firstly displayed, and see the stats
for every variant of the language in there?  There are three en
variants, of course the two usual chinese variants, and some other sub
variants, too. I don't think that there are many differences between
some of those variants, but there was quite a big difference between
bavaria slang po file and the de po file...

> I agree that there must be allowed some fun. But only as long as it
> doesn't get in the way of the serious stuff. In this case it does get in
> the way. Either offer to change that fact, or accept it.

 I don't really believe your judging here. It looks rather like the
"drip into the full barrel" (don't know a valid english phrase, though)
and doesn't seem to really get into the way. 1 in 78 doesn't really let
me grow grey hairs, do you really feel of it as such a pain?

> Also, this is CVS. The file isn't lost forever no matter what. And it
> could even be made present in CVS and shipped with the tarball if
> renamed to some suffix other than .po, since that would prevent it from
> being picked up by the status pages. Then you still have your easter egg
> that can be enabled by running a simple script that does a "mv de.po.alt
> de.po" before running configure or something like that.

 Yeah, but it would make it much much harder to keep it up to date. And
isn't that what should be tried to be avoided?

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