Re: gucharmap unicode nameslist strings

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 00:52, Noah Levitt wrote:
> If you look at the character details in gucharmap for U+002E
> FULL STOP (for instance) you’ll find this information:
>   Alias names:
>    • PERIOD
>    • dot, decimal point
>   Notes:
>    • may be rendered as a raised decimal point in old style
>      numbers
> This stuff comes from the unicode standard, and there is
> information like it for quite a few characters, but a
> minority of them. There are 806 “alias names” and 1484
> “notes” in unicode 4.0.
> Should I mark these strings for translation? 

Not for Tamil. Anyone reading this will have to understand sufficient
English if they have to implement it in any software solutions.

Only reason I can think of any one accessing the character would be to
appreciate aesthetics of the UCS.
So reading about it actually looks as if it would spoils the fun.

All the best,


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