Re: French character names in gucharmap

Op vr 19-12-2003, om 01:35 schreef Noah Levitt:
> I recently found out that ISO 10646, which defines the same
> set of characters as Unicode, has character names and some
> other data in French as well as in English. 
> I'm sure no one wants all the (15,000+) character names
> marked for translation. 
> Does anyone have an opinion on whether it's worth adding
> several hundred k to the the binary for the French character
> names? 
That would be rather silly IMO. Unless there is an enourmous advantage
in having these character names translated meaningfully, I'd rather have
them in just English and/or French.

> If so, I'm leaning towards showing both the French and
> English names regardless of the user's locale. Does anyone
> have an opinion on that?
I have no problem with that.

Tino Meinen

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