Re: French character names in gucharmap

I am new on this list and not well aware of the precise question. But I
looked at the link
and I can tell you that the translation is very well done and is not
always the case. So, if the question is to keep the work already done in
French (by many linguists probably) even at the cost of some hundreds of
K more, my opinion is yes, but if the question is to find  (invent)
meaningful French names for all these character strings, it is no. Not

Translation must be either of excellent quality or none. Gnome products
can't be distributed in French schools or colleges because of the poor
current translations. Sorry for my poor English. I hope it will help.
Nicolas Brouard
Institut national d'études démographiques
Le ven 19/12/2003 à 04:51, Tino Meinen a écrit :
> Op vr 19-12-2003, om 01:35 schreef Noah Levitt:
> > I recently found out that ISO 10646, which defines the same
> > set of characters as Unicode, has character names and some
> > other data in French as well as in English. 
> > 
> >
> > 
> > I'm sure no one wants all the (15,000+) character names
> > marked for translation. 
> > 
> > Does anyone have an opinion on whether it's worth adding
> > several hundred k to the the binary for the French character
> > names? 
> That would be rather silly IMO. Unless there is an enourmous advantage
> in having these character names translated meaningfully, I'd rather have
> them in just English and/or French.
> > If so, I'm leaning towards showing both the French and
> > English names regardless of the user's locale. Does anyone
> > have an opinion on that?
> I have no problem with that.
> Tino Meinen
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