Re: French character names in gucharmap

Christian Rose a écrit :
> fre 2003-12-19 klockan 11.08 skrev Danilo Segan:
>>No one wants 15k strings more to translate, I'm positive about that ;)
>>My preference would be to create a separate unicode-data gettext
>>domain, which would not be tightly bound to Gucharmap, where you
>>would put all the character names and possibly all the other data
>>extracted from Unicode database (these names remind me of
>>UnicodeData.txt which was distributed in 3.x times, maybe it still is).
>>At the same time, you add translation to French as only current
>>translation, and put it on Translation Project, so that it is clear 
>>that it is not Gnome specific.  Others are free to pick it up from
>>these, if they want entire database or some parts translated, and
>>simply commit it.
> I agree with Danilo. In addition, if you create a seperate Unicode
> database thing that is not deeply tied to gucharmap, please try to place
> that on, so that other applications can benefit from it.
> And as Danilo said, try to place the pot file from that effort in the
> Translation Project. Then other translators of software
> can translate it too.

Since the size of the po file for the translation of Unicode data is 
more than 1.5 Mo by language, I don't think than it should be included 
in gucharmap.
Translation of unicode characters is not critical and many live-cd 
distributions would prefer to use the space used by these translation 
with other applications.
Then, the better solution is to create a separate project and use 
gettext to bind to unicode-data if present.

My 2 cents.

/me is happy to see 15OOO strings already translated for my language :-)))


Christophe Merlet (RedFox)

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