Re: French character names in gucharmap

fre 2003-12-19 klockan 11.08 skrev Danilo Segan:
> No one wants 15k strings more to translate, I'm positive about that ;)
> My preference would be to create a separate unicode-data gettext
> domain, which would not be tightly bound to Gucharmap, where you
> would put all the character names and possibly all the other data
> extracted from Unicode database (these names remind me of
> UnicodeData.txt which was distributed in 3.x times, maybe it still is).
> At the same time, you add translation to French as only current
> translation, and put it on Translation Project, so that it is clear 
> that it is not Gnome specific.  Others are free to pick it up from
> these, if they want entire database or some parts translated, and
> simply commit it.

I agree with Danilo. In addition, if you create a seperate Unicode
database thing that is not deeply tied to gucharmap, please try to place
that on, so that other applications can benefit from it.

And as Danilo said, try to place the pot file from that effort in the
Translation Project. Then other translators of software
can translate it too.

Just my suggestion,


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