Re: CVS modules for translations

Roozbeh Pournader yazmış:

>This is just a mad idea, but I was wondering how people feel about this:
>Would it be possible to have CVS modules in the GNOME CVS for
>translations? Something someone can check out and have all the PO files?
>"cvs co trans" giving me all the PO files in a directory structure,
>while "cvs co trans-fr" giving me all the French translations (and
>related stuff, like the ChangeLog)?
>KDE's CVS is somehow structured like that, although it's separate


Not all GNOME translators have fast Internet access - I'm paying 70 MTRL 
(about 40 USD) for 128Kbps d/l and 16Kbps u/l- , and I'm upset to say 
that this situation -i.e not having a seperate localization module- is 
one of the reasons of the poor i18n percentage of Turkish team.

If there's any effort on that, I'd _very_ much appreciate.


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