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El mar, 23-12-2003 a las 17:41, Görkem Çetin escribió:
> Roozbeh Pournader yazmış:
> >This is just a mad idea, but I was wondering how people feel about this:
> >
> >Would it be possible to have CVS modules in the GNOME CVS for
> >translations? Something someone can check out and have all the PO files?
> >"cvs co trans" giving me all the PO files in a directory structure,
> >while "cvs co trans-fr" giving me all the French translations (and
> >related stuff, like the ChangeLog)?
> >
> >KDE's CVS is somehow structured like that, although it's separate
> >directories.
> >
> >roozbeh
> >  
> >
> +1
> Not all GNOME translators have fast Internet access - I'm paying 70 MTRL 
> (about 40 USD) for 128Kbps d/l and 16Kbps u/l- , and I'm upset to say 
> that this situation -i.e not having a seperate localization module- is 
> one of the reasons of the poor i18n percentage of Turkish team.
> If there's any effort on that, I'd _very_ much appreciate.

We have already that done, it's called translation status pages.

And it's better than the po on CVS option because those files are
updated with latest changes every 8 hours, so you only need to download
the .po file and forget the .pot and sources.


> Thanks
> Görkem
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