Gnumeric has branched

1.2.3 has been packaged but will not be announced.
A 1.2.4 release will be made on the weekend to fix a brown paper

The gnumeric-1-2 branch will continue to receive patches.
I strongly recommend _against_ translating HEAD for the time being.
The function doc format will change shortly.  The new format will be
discussed here, and should decrease the translation load.

1.3.0 already requires gtk-2.3, and is targeted for release with the
rest of gnome-office shortly after gnome-2.6 (possibly for GUADEC ?).

Short Term Targets
    - Jump to new GtkAction based menu/toolbar API.  This must be
      done before API freeze on Jan 9 to make sure we haven't missed
    - Use the SAX based xml import/export routines as the defaults.
      This is a huge performance win (space and time)

    - splitting libgoffice out of Gnumeric and making a public
      liboffice, libspread (names to be debated) to be used in other
    - Scripting ape
    - conditional formats
    - accessibility
    - pivot tables
    - rework the value format and parsing engine to be more general

Things will be moving fairly quickly for the next while, so don't
expect HEAD to be perfectly stable.

Holiday wishes,

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