Re: CVS modules for translations

El vie, 26-12-2003 a las 04:26, Arafat Medini escribió:
> Hi,


> > It's easier to create some  scripts to simplify the multiple checkout
> > and multiple ChangeLog files than what you are proposing.
> So please point us to a script or make one for us!

I think you don't understand the Free Software concept. I'm not here to
serve you.

> > Of course, if you find an easy way to do it, we could look at it and
> > estimate the costs, but I'm busy with my own projects already and this
> > is not a trivial task.
> Uh, well we are all busy ... this is not an excuse to be honest...

You said that. Do it yourself, if you are busy it's not an excuse!!

P.S.: I don't like this kind of mails, who said I must do what you
want?, I'm here to help you, and to enjoy my work. You are not paying me
anything for my GNOME work so you cannot demmand me anything.

> yours
> Arafat Medini
Carlos Perelló Marín
Debian GNU/Linux Sid (PowerPC)
Linux Registered User #121232 ||
Valencia - Spain

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