Re: CVS modules for translations


>cvs co -P MODULE/po/YOURLOCALE.po MODULE/po/ChangeLog
>cp updated-po.po MODULE/po/YOURLOCALE.po

Well, the main problem here is that we have to check out and committing each
module separately each app's ChangeLog separately too.

For example in KDE case this would be something like this which makes whole
process of committing (getting po files is not a problem in both fronts) a
lot easier and faster in KDE than in Gnome:

cvs co -P translations/locale/desktop/atk.po
translations/locale/desktop/nautilus.po ...

and then committing files to the same dir. Right now we are checking out and
committing po files of each app separately. KDE collects them all in one

+1 from me if we can have the same sollution :)


--Metin Amiroff
Azerbaijani Team

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