Re: CVS modules for translations

Op di 23-12-2003, om 19:15 schreef Arafat Medini:
> Well but it's indeed a big pain to not have one module for pos, for eg
> my story:
> I worked on the Arbic pos and wanted to upload them so, as the gnome
> structure is as you all know it...., I had to upload each file
> separetely which resulted in uploading files from 11 am till 5 pm!!! And
> I didn't upload all the files as I simply got tired ;)

Perhaps you can contact the maintainer for Dutch: Vincent van Adrighem.
As far as I understand, he uses a self-made script to upload po files
(I believe he drops the po files in an 'upload' directory on his hard
drive and the script takes care of the commit and everything)

> So indeed making one module/diretory would be a revolution for me I
> would simply type cvs commit "everything" and voila!!!!

The above scenario would be a compromise but a workable one for you I


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