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El dom, 28-12-2003 a las 12:08, Görkem Çetin escribió:
> Hi,


> I cannot checkout the files from GNOME CVS. The error received is as 
> follows:
> * * *
> [root@dhcp-2219-5 gnome]# cvs -z5 checkout .

You SHOULD NOT checkout the whole GNOME cvs, It loads the server and
renders it unusable (We had that problem some time ago).

You should instead download only the modules you really need, or
download them one by one. I think we have now about 4Gb of CVS data and
your connection will fail at some point but the server will not handle
it correctly, please don't do it.

> cvs checkout: Updating .
> cvs checkout: Updating AisleRiot2
> cvs checkout: Updating AisleRiot2/src
> cvs checkout: Updating AisleRiot2/src/.xvpics
> cvs checkout: Updating ApplicationManager
> cvs checkout: Updating ApplicationManager/DebConf
> cvs checkout: Updating ApplicationManager/DebConf/Element
> cvs checkout: Updating ApplicationManager/DebConf/Element/Gnome
> cvs checkout: Updating ApplicationManager/DebConf/FrontEnd
> cvs checkout: Updating ApplicationManager/debian
> cvs checkout: Updating ApplicationManager/src
> cvs checkout: Updating CVSROOT
> cvs checkout: failed to create lock directory for `/cvs/gnome/CVSROOT' 
> (/cvs/gnome/CVSROOT/#cvs.lock): Permission denied
> cvs checkout: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/cvs/gnome/CVSROOT'
> cvs [checkout aborted]: read lock failed - giving up
> * * * *

That's a problem with the CVSROOT module, checkit out again one hour or
so after the first try and if the problem remains notify the CVS admin
to cleanup the stalled lock.

> I logged in to CVS with my u/p though..
> This question may be unrelated to this list, not sure. Please guide me 
> if so.
> Thanks
> Görkem


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