Re: CVS problem - maybe offtopic

Carlos Perelló Marín yazmış:

>>I cannot checkout the files from GNOME CVS. The error received is as 
>>* * *
>>[root@dhcp-2219-5 gnome]# cvs -z5 checkout .
>You SHOULD NOT checkout the whole GNOME cvs, It loads the server and
>renders it unusable (We had that problem some time ago).
>You should instead download only the modules you really need, or
>download them one by one. I think we have now about 4Gb of CVS data and
>your connection will fail at some point but the server will not handle
>it correctly, please don't do it.
>That's a problem with the CVSROOT module, checkit out again one hour or
>so after the first try and if the problem remains notify the CVS admin
>to cleanup the stalled lock.


Thanks for your help, Carlos. I'll check out again - this time with the 
necessary modules only. However, this problem is there for the last one 
month or so - Do you know the e-mail of the CVS admin so that I can bug him?

I'd rather wish not enter the necessary modules 'by hand'. Is there a 
list of modules for developer-libs, desktop, fifth-toe, office and 
extras? Or an easy -one-command- way to checkout these modules?


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