Re: 2.4 still relevant?

El lun, 29-12-2003 a las 17:46, Tomas Kuliavas escribiˇ:
> > mňn 2003-12-29 klockan 12.36 skrev ┼smund SkjŠveland:
> > > I've backported a few of my translations for HEAD to gnome-2-4. But
> > is
> > > there really any point to keep doing so? According to the release
> > > schedule, there's not going to be any more GNOME 2.4 releases, so it
> > > looks like any effort directed at gnome-2-4 is wasted.
> >
> > Yeah, I think 2.4 is more or less obsolete now, and that almost all
> > translation efforts should go into 2.5/2.6 now. I've ignored 2.4 myself
> > for the last round of updates that I've committed for other translators.
> It is easier to translate 2.4 first and then merge 2.4 strings with 2.6.

But it's a waste of time if those strings are not in 2.6 anymore. You
should get the last 2.4 file and merge it with 2.6 and then translate

> Instead of translating bigger .po, translator translates smaller one first
> and then translates rest of the strings in 2.6. And you get two branches
> translated instead of one.
> I think when debian sarge reaches stable, it will contain gnome 2.4 and
> not gnome-2.6. 2.4 translations will be used there. I think, even now
> Sarge/testing contains more gnome translations than Gargnome 0.27.1 build.

The fact is, if there are no more 2.4 releases from GNOME, Sarge will
not get those translation updates so that work will be lost. That's why
we should know first if new tar.gz will be released from the gnome-2-4

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