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Op di 23-12-2003, om 14:09 schreef Roozbeh Pournader: 
> This is just a mad idea, but I was wondering how people feel about this:
> Would it be possible to have CVS modules in the GNOME CVS for
> translations? Something someone can check out and have all the PO files?
> "cvs co trans" giving me all the PO files in a directory structure,
> while "cvs co trans-fr" giving me all the French translations (and
> related stuff, like the ChangeLog)?
> KDE's CVS is somehow structured like that, although it's separate
> directories.
> roozbeh
This whole CVS-module for translations is not needed. What is needed is
a way to make it easy to upload translations. I have created a script
for this. The only thing that is needed is the po-file with the exact
name that is used on the statuspages:
$module.$branch.$language.po (may be gzip or bzip2 compressed)


The script checks the translation file, downloads the cvs files,
modifies the changelog, checks if the language is in the
file and uploads the whole thing back to the cvs-servers.
It can use zenity, or console-output. you can call it directly with a
filename, or without (in which case it will give you a list of files
available in the directory you specify in the config file).
(try process-translation --help)
You can set an alternative translator of the one that made the update is
not the one in the Last-translator line of the file.

You only need some standard tools: sed, file, awk, gedit, mcedit,
zenity, msgfmt, gzip, bzip2.

Get version 1.9 (beta 1) here:

I've written this for myself. Because of that, it _might_ be less
than perfect (a.k.a. WorksForMe). Read the README.
Feedback would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
Vincent van Adrighem

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