Re: new release of the gnome-system-tools

Christian Rose <> writes:

> mån 2003-12-29 klockan 20.52 skrev Carlos Garnacho:
>> sorry, this thing isn't likely to happen :/, one of the objectives that
>> the GST had was to make the frontends independent of the backends, for
>> example, the backends now can be installed in a computer and use the
>> frontends from other computer to access them, or other projects (such as
>> knetworkconf) may use it. I think that proper i18n in the backends is
>> essential for this objective
> Then I suggest you put the backends in a seperate module.

Actually, as far as I got it, backends *are* in a separate module:
setup-tools-backends, which I added to translation-status a couple of
hours ago.

What's else, I think it's using the symlink on the server
gnome-system-tools/backends which points to the module

So, generally, we should advise translators to translate this module,
instead of doing the same in backends/ directory.


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