RE: new release of the gnome-system-tools

mån 2003-12-29 klockan 20.52 skrev Carlos Garnacho:
> > > I think those strings should be merged with the other. Carlos do you
> > > plan to do it in the future?
> > 
> > I agree, but I don't think Carlos Garnacho is subscribed to this list.
> > I'm CC:ing him.
> sorry, this thing isn't likely to happen :/, one of the objectives that
> the GST had was to make the frontends independent of the backends, for
> example, the backends now can be installed in a computer and use the
> frontends from other computer to access them, or other projects (such as
> knetworkconf) may use it. I think that proper i18n in the backends is
> essential for this objective

Then I suggest you put the backends in a seperate module.

Having multidomain modules with several po directories has always shown
to be a recipe for translator confusion, breakage, and
general problems with the config toolchain in the past.
Also, from your description, it sounds like you aim to seperate the
backends anyway. Then you might aswell do it in a seperate module that
easily can be independantly maintained and released IMHO.


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