[gnome-network]PATCHES for bug 128261


I also have three patches that do the following:

1. Paul Pianta's email to this mailing list suggested that the icon 
   gears image on the 'connect' button be changed to the arrow image. 
   Changing it to the arrow image will make it more consistent with similar
   buttons in gnome-netinfo. Patch is attached.

2. The port number can be changed when the 'use default' box is unchecked.  
   However, once the box is checked the port number remains at its previous, 
   user assigned state. It is visually deceiving. The attached patch will 
   update the spinner to the default port when the 'use default' box is 

3. The gnome-remote-utilities.desktop.in file has gnome-remote-shell 
   incorrectly labeled as 'Remote shell'. The 's' in shell should be  
   capitalized. The attached patch fixes this.

You can download the patches from:

[1] http://www.nishra.com/patches/gears-to-arrow.patch
[2] http://www.nishra.com/patches/update-spinner.patch
[3] http://www.nishra.com/patches/capitalize-remote-shell.patch

Emil Soleyman-Zomalan <emil nishra com>

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