[gnome-network]Remote Shell: Development Ideas


I've been thinking about ways in which we can improve Remote Shell by
making some tasks easier to accomplish. For example, I have noticed that
some people at my previous job needed to ssh/telnet into multiple
machines throughout the day. Instead of opening up a terminal and
writing the command every time, they would create a script, menu entry,
or launcher to do this for them.

My idea is to create a bookmark system similar to web browsers for
multiple connections. The bookmark system would complement the current
user interface rather than supplant it. We would create a menubar at the
top of the window containing the "bookmark" menu and a few choice menu
items such as "manage bookmarks".

The current interface could have a bookmarks drop-down box above the
user and host entry boxes. By choosing one of these "bookmarks", a new
terminal will be opened for that connection. If you would like, I can
create and post a UI from glade tomorrow. At the present, I'm thinking
about this:

| File     Bookmarks     Help			|
|						|
| Connection to remote host			|
|						|
|   Bookmarks:  *-----------------------*	|
|   		| example1.com		|	|
|        Host:	| example2.com		|	|
|   	 User:	| example3.com		|	|
|	 Port:	|_______________________|	|
|						|

Does anyone feel differently about going in this direction? I'd
appreciate your feedback.

Emil Soleyman-Zomalan <emil nishra com>

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