Re: [gnome-network]Remote Shell: Development Ideas

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 06:33, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been thinking about ways in which we can improve Remote Shell by
> making some tasks easier to accomplish. For example, I have noticed that
> some people at my previous job needed to ssh/telnet into multiple
> machines throughout the day. Instead of opening up a terminal and
> writing the command every time, they would create a script, menu entry,
> or launcher to do this for them.
> My idea is to create a bookmark system similar to web browsers for
> multiple connections. The bookmark system would complement the current
> user interface rather than supplant it. We would create a menubar at the
> top of the window containing the "bookmark" menu and a few choice menu
> items such as "manage bookmarks".
hmm, do you mean something like what gnome-remote-desktop does? That is,
to have stored sessions that can easily be selected from the UI?

> The current interface could have a bookmarks drop-down box above the
> user and host entry boxes. By choosing one of these "bookmarks", a new
> terminal will be opened for that connection. If you would like, I can
> create and post a UI from glade tomorrow. At the present, I'm thinking
> about this:
> /-----------------------------------------------\
> | File     Bookmarks     Help			|
> |-----------------------------------------------|
> |						|
> | Connection to remote host			|
> |						|
> |   Bookmarks:  *-----------------------*	|
> |   		|		|	|
> |        Host:	|		|	|
> |   	 User:	|		|	|
> |	 Port:	|_______________________|	|
> |						|
> -------------------------------------------------
I think the term 'Bookmark' is more for browsers, file managers. What
about just using 'Sessions'.
> Does anyone feel differently about going in this direction? I'd
> appreciate your feedback.
I was thinking that a very good way would be to use the network://  view
in nautilus. gnome-remote-shell could register itself as the program
associated with ssh:// and telnet:// URIs, and thus people can create
'bookmarks' to their sessions in network://.

I think that is a better way to have it integrated into the GNOME
desktop. Of course, this should be, as you said, complementary to the
current UI. Users should also be able to access their stored sessions
from gnome-remote-shell.

Also, we would need to add parameters to g-r-s, so that it can be
started for a specific SSH/Telnet session.


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