Re: [gnome-network]PATCHES for bug 114826

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 04:50, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan wrote:
> Hi Rodrigo,
> I've been working on a comprehensive set of patches with
> the following functionality:
>  * Provide a manual to be opened through the Help Browser.
>  * Provide an error function that closely follows the HIG.
>  * Drop deprecated gnome_error_dialog_parented in favor of 
>    gtk_message_dialog_new.
>  * Drop #include for most gtk and libgnomeui libraries in favor of 
>    #include gnome.h.
>  * Make gnome_program_init pass the GNOME_PROGRAM_STANDARD_PROPERTIES 
>    macro and modify accordingly.
> The patches you requested are:
this one looks perfect and has now been applied to CVS, except for the
.png file. Could you please resend that file, so that I add it to CVS?

also applied to CVS

this one has some small problems. For instance, you replaced all
#include's with an "#include gnome.h". While this is correct, it slows
down compilation, since a lot of unneeded header files are used during
the compilation. So please don't do that, keep the headers as they are.

Also, please remove the big /*** for the functions you added. Those are
private functions, so there is no need to have them documented as you
did. Just add a quick comment (/* this does this */).

Also, in some:

+			title = g_strdup_printf ("Failed to create a connection");
+			reason = g_strdup_printf ("The host cannot be found");
+			create_error (title, reason);
+			g_free (title);
+			g_free (reason);

there is really no reason at all to allocate memory for 'reason' :-) Just
pass the const string to the create_error function.

Please change all this and send an updated patch.

this is also applied.

Thanks a lot for the patches. Next time, please, send them separated to
the list, or, if that makes sense, as a simple patch.


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