Re: [gnome-network]patch for integrating the gnome system tools with gnome-netinfo

Carlos Garnacho wrote:
El lun, 15-12-2003 a las 17:58, William Jon McCann escribió:
I think it would be a bit better to:

- make the network tool configurable via gconf [1]

the best way it could be done (IMHO) is like the clock applet does for a
time tool, there are two or three tools hardcoded, if they don't exist
then it fallbacks to a gconf key, and if it isn't defined then it warns
the user

Yes. That is what I mean. I think that is what gnome-netstatus does as well.

- add redhat-config-network to the default list of configuration tools to search for (as a convenience to many users)

I don't know if the redhat tool provides command line options for
configuring a single interface like the network-admin tool does (and
BTW, I'd like to encourage the use of GST as a more general and uniform
tools than the redhat ones, as they work in redhat and many more
distros, but those are personal/political issues that you'll surely
don't mind :)

I agree. I would like to see GST become the standard. Ideally the RedHat folks could work "upstream" in GST instead of doing their own thing. However, at the moment redhat-config-network is commonly used and it would be good to include it in the "two or three tools" that we search for.

- hide the configure button for the loopback device since it cannot be configured

well, it made more sense for me to put it unsensitive, but I'll do it

My thinking here is that if the button (or action) is not applicable then it should not appear. If it is applicable but for some reason unavailable then it should be insensitive.


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