Re: [gnome-network][PATCH] netstat

El mar, 16-12-2003 a las 00:33, William Jon McCann escribió:
> Carlos Garcia Campos wrote:
> > I have added a function that check if IPv6 is enabled in the system and
> > only uses -A inet6 when it is possible. I have attached an updated
> > patch.
> > 
> > 
> Hmm, that function always returns true for me.  Does the following work 
> for you?  We won't only need to add cases here for systems that don't 
> handle IPv6 gracefully (like Solaris 9 does).

I can't test it without IPv6 enabled, but the solution you propose below
is valid for me. I thought doing a gethostbyname with the :: address in
a system without IPv6 would return NULL, but it doesn't seem so.

> gboolean
> netinfo_is_ipv6_enabled (void)
> {
> #if defined(__linux__)
> 	return g_file_test ("/proc/net/if_inet6", G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS);
> #endif
> 	return TRUE;
> }
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