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On Sat, 20 Dec 2003 04:13:47, Ross Golder wrote:
On ศ., 2003-12-19 at 21:14, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> > We should hope that you have better reasons than just that it is
> > non-traditional.
> >
> a) KB is a stup invention created by ignorants.

(stup == stupid??) Are the people that invented these units all those
years ago really ignorants? Not really. In the last twenty years, I have

Yes. They were obviously ignorant or else they would have used the correct nomenclature instead of just inventing crap, and perputating their ignorance is stupid.

not heard of any other measurement of data but bits, bytes, kilobytes,
megabytes etc. The abbreviations for this, as used by every technical
reference document I have ever read, use 'KB', 'MB' etc. It is

You read very poor "technical documents".

traditional and historic, people that use these units actually _do_
understand what they are actually saying and the people they are using
them with actually understand too.

Someone who writes "KB" knows what they mean. Nobody else does. Unless we're psychic.

> b) there is a real standard alternative that everyone undertsands.

Are you sure? I've never heard of or seen these units you speak of being
used in a technical application. I have no idea what you are talking

Again, you should find better documents.
People who now write 'KB' won't notice the diference to 'KiB'.

That kind of attitude isn't going to help endear people to your
suggestions! You won't get very far taking personal digs at people just
because they don't agree with your point of view.

I'm not trying to endear anyone. I'm stating my point.
However, I think someone who signs himself has "Prof. Dr." has certain obligations which including not defending make believe units. I *could* sign M.Eng EECS however I feel that's irrelevant.

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