[gnome-network]Gnome BitTorrent Mini-Client

Before I begin: I am not subscribed to this mailing list. So, please CC
any replies to preferably "null_and_void _AT_ users.sourceforge.net" or,
if for some reason that is unacceptable, to the email address this
message is originating from "loxpol _AT_ myrealbox.com".

It was suggested on GnomeSupport's forums[1] that I send this to this
mailing list. I don't lurk this particular mailing list, so I couldn't
say how on-topic this is for this list :P.

To summarize what I posted on GnomeSupport:

I wrote my own Gnome-based BitTorrent "mime-sink" (which I use to mean:
it's just a handler for application/x-torrent files that some other
program "executes") because I wasn't too fond of btdownloadgui or using
the terminal clients. I was basically trying to advertise the program so
that other people who would like something similar would know it exists.

I put up a small and simple webpage for it here (with screenshots =P):

Like I listed on GnomeSupport's forums, warnings about things that it
doesn't include that it really should have:
* Gnome session support (as far as I can tell, Gnome-Python doesn't
include bindings for functions required to implement this)
* The open button is non-functional (same reason)
* There's more stuff in the README

If anyone is interested is taking over the project or forking it or
whatever and turning it into a "real" project, feel free to.

If you want to request improvements: I'm not planning on making it any
great amount more complex than it is, but I'm willing to fix anything
wrong with what I've already written or add features that don't get in
the way of what's already there.

Uh, thanks for reading this, I guess ;).


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