Re: [gnome-network]Gnome BitTorrent Mini-Client

El vie, 03-10-2003 a las 04:26, Paul Varga escribió:
> [...]
> To summarize what I posted on GnomeSupport:
> I wrote my own Gnome-based BitTorrent "mime-sink" (which I use to mean:
> it's just a handler for application/x-torrent files that some other
> program "executes") because I wasn't too fond of btdownloadgui or using
> the terminal clients. I was basically trying to advertise the program so
> that other people who would like something similar would know it exists.
> I put up a small and simple webpage for it here (with screenshots =P):

IMVHO, the way to go is give bitTorrent support to giFT.
giFT uses plugins to get access to differents P2P protocols.
Currently, there are FastTrack (KaZaA), Gnutella and OpenFT

In this case, we only need one client for giFT and we'll
support any kind of protocols supported by giFT whithout
change the UI (may be only to add configuration options)

Nowadays, exists a P2P client, named giFToxic, available
in GNOME CVS and Debian unstable.

I don't know if easy or not to implement bitTorrent as
plugin of giFT, it's just an idea.

German Poo Caaman~o
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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