Re: [gnome-network]netstat parameters

El dom, 05-10-2003 a las 07:10, Carlos Garcia Campos escribió:
> In the active services view of the netstat tool the netstat command is
> called with "-A inet -ln" command line options. I think is better to use
> -putan command line options instead of "-A inet -ln" because -putan
> provides more information about the active services.

As far as I see, -ut indicate UDP and TCP protocols, other way for
"-A inet".  But -ut doesn't show raw services.

-a show all sockets, but the original idea was show the services running
(only listening or -l).

The only big difference is -p, that show the name of process (only
launched by normal user), not so much if we think that commonly are
launched by root.

AFAIR, -p is not always available for normal users (only root).

Our big problem (at least mine) is getting netstat works on Solaris 
as normal user :-/

Germán Poó Caamaño
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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