re: [gnome-network]Gnome BitTorrent Mini-Client

On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 13:43, Robert Renling wrote:
> Hi Paul!


> Great work on the gnome-bt-sink , keep up the _good_ work!

Thanks. It wasn't anything all that hard to do, to be honest.

> If you need some help to hig:ify the application, just holler.

If you have some ideas (or a modified Glade file) to make it more HIG
compliant, I'd like to see them (if for no other reason than learning
how the HIG would have me design this type of application). Since it was
a different type of interface to most of the GUI applications I've
written, I wasn't exactly sure how to make it really compliant with the

I mostly copied the interface of the Galeon/Epiphany download window and
used the dialog instructions that I thought applied from the HIG.

I tried to make it not display too much information at once, so that
it'd feel simple (which is why I used the Notebook widget, which is the
thing I was most unsure of the HIG's stance upon for this situation).

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