Re: [gnome-network]Transfer Manager (again!)

On Mar , 2003-10-14 at 18:34, Manuel Clos wrote:
> Manuel Clos wrote:
> To sum up, the transfer manager *can now resume* ftp and http uris. I 
> will update downman cvs after I fix % reporting.

What is wrong with percent complete reporting?

> >     - move to bonobo for activation and communication.
> This is the next step. So I will send a proposition for:
> 	- an interface for the clients

This is no more than the interface to the daemon. The clients should be
able to add transfers, stop transfers, remove transfers, pause and
resume transfers and possible a few other things.

> 	- a list of functions that should go into libgnomenetwork to wrap the 
> interface

The list of functions that will go into the library for wrapping will be
defined by what the API for clients to interact with the daemon is.
There is no need to worry about this. It will be defined by other things
and will come along as needed, and as the API is written and defined.

> 	- definition of the daemon structure (mostly downman)
> 	- features that the daemon should have (mostly downman)

I'm not sure what you really mean here.

> I also want to talk to epiphany developers to see if the prefer a plugin 
> or just use the transfer manager.

Well, if Epiphany's goal is to integrate with GNOME, they should be
using the transfer manager. How they do that, is up to them. But if
they want to integrate, they should integrate by default. IE, if it is
a plug-in, it should be a part of the default build/install of epiphany.

-- dobey

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