Re: [gnome-network]Transfer Manager (again!)

Manuel Clos wrote:
So the next moves are:
- implement the gnome_vfs_async_seek function that is missing in gnome-vfs

Fixed a bug and tested with both http and ftp seek. So should go in after review.

- work on the seek () support for ftp and http (there is a patch in bugzilla for http already) so that we can have *RESUME* support, what is a transfer manager for if it is lacks resume support?

I implemented the ftp seek support and tested it with downman. It works and is pending for review. I also tested an updated http seek patch by Jan Kratochvil and it also works well.

To sum up, the transfer manager *can now resume* ftp and http uris. I will update downman cvs after I fix % reporting.

    - move to bonobo for activation and communication.

This is the next step. So I will send a proposition for:

	- an interface for the clients
- a list of functions that should go into libgnomenetwork to wrap the interface
	- definition of the daemon structure (mostly downman)
	- features that the daemon should have (mostly downman)

I also want to talk to epiphany developers to see if the prefer a plugin or just use the transfer manager.

See you soon :)

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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