[gnome-network]Re: gnome-network for inclusion in 2.6

Hi Rodrigo,
	One of my worries about gnome-network is that I feel its a pretty
eclectic mix of things to have in a single tarball. I'm not convinced
they really all belong together .. e.g. if you make an application use
libgnetwork, do you really want people to have to install the remote
desktop stuff in order to build the application or if you want the
transfer manager, why do you have remote shell client. I suppose what
I'm saying is that different bits of gnome-network seem to be targetted
at completely different user bases.

	How about splitting it to different modules e.g.:

	+ libgnetwork: networking related libraries (I actually think it might
make sense to split up the library too - but keep the individual
libraries in one module)

	+ gnome-remote-desktop: remote desktop sever and client.

	+ gnome-file-sharing: the web server and the SMB, NFS etc. support you
do later.

	+ gnome-network-tools: remote shell client and network info tool.

	I also think it would make more sense to individually evaluate the
proposal for inclusion of these into 2.6.

	(Btw, I'm sorry if I sound like I'm putting a downer on the project -
I'm really am glad you've revived gnome-network.)


On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 09:43, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to propose gnome-network for inclusion in GNOME 2.6.
> gnome-network is a revival of the old gnome-network (dead by 1.0.2),
> which contained a strange mix of network tools. We got it at that state,
> removed almost everything, and started from scratch with the intention
> to provide a good set of networking tools for normal users.
> As a result, version 1.99.2 (right now being tarballed *) is a nice set
> of client-oriented tools and utilities, currently containing:
> 	* a remote desktop client (formerly known as tsclient)
> 	* a remote shell client (telnet/ssh)
> 	* a network info tool, similar to Mac OS's, containing
> 	  tabs for ifconfig, ping, netstat, ...
> 	* a desktop sharing application (currently disabled in
> 	  the build due to problems with libvncserver)
> 	* a personal web server. This is currently our temporary
> 	  solution for users file sharing, but the plan is to
> 	  integrate with existing networks (SMB, NFS, NCP, etc)
> 	  once we can do that as a normal user (ie, no root access).
> 	* a libgnetwork library, which is the result of renaming
> 	  libgtcpsocket and have it as a starting point for more
> 	  network-oriented APIs, like Zeroconf integration and
> 	  that sort of things. This will be available in the
> 	  next release, since it still needs some renaming.
> 	* a transfer manager, still in the works, so nothing to
> 	  show yet.
> gnome-network even has a website ->
> http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnome-network
> cheers
> * I propose the module before having the tarball because I've got
> problems building it :-)
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