[gnome-network]splitting gnome-network


When proposing gnome-network for inclusion in GNOME 2.6, it was
suggested to split gnome-network into small modules, so that, if needed,
we can release them separately.

Since this seems to be a good idea, I'm going to do the split this way:

	* gnome-transfer-manager: already done
	* gnome-remote-desktop: desktop client and server
	* gnome-network-tools: shell client, gnome-netinfo, and
	  any other small tool we might add.
	* gnome-file-sharing: pws and other file sharing tools
	* libgnetwork: already done

any comments? If nobody has nothing to say against it, I'll go ahead and
do a similar setup to gnome-utils/gnome-games, which, AFAIR, they are
virtual CVS modules.


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