Re: [gnome-network]Downman

Rodney Dawes wrote:
It was your personal assumption that I was going to be writing entirely
new code to do all this. And no, I didn't have five minutes to take from
my paid full-time job which is not working on gnome-network, to work on
gnome-network, make sure everything was happy, and run distcheck. And,

I told you to send me unfinished code and you refused to.

Your questions were answered several times on the mailing list. You
didn't ask me anything on IRC other than "where is the code?", and I
answered you that as well.

No, please, look at the archives, *there are* unanswered questions.

If you would have listened to what I said, then you would have seen that
I told you that some of the downman code would be used. Project merging
is not as simple as "we'll take these two projects, ignore this one, and
call it this." Both parties have to make sacrifices. You don't seem to
want to do that.

Oh yes, I proposed *that*. This is one of the unanswered questions/propositions.

I tried to talk to you *before* the whole gnome-network thing came up,
and get you to work together on a common manager. You refused to do any

No sorry, you didn't. I tried that (in irc) and you told emphetamine was the way to go. That downman was not using gnome-vfs not bonobo.

such thing. All of your questions have been answered. You were told

Please, point to the archives where you explain you have looked at downman code, explained what fails and why downman+gnome-vfs+bonobo is not a good solution. And please don't point to the mail you only blame the GUI having two equal icons in the toolbar.

several times that Emphetamine was going to be the base code. You were
sent private mail in your native language explaining exactly what was
going on. You still aren't listening to anything that is said to you,

Oh well, I supose you don't listen to me either. Communications fails, I told you.

and continue to expect that downman is the end-all perfect download
manager and will go in as it is. So, do as you wish. You are solving
nothing by continuing to behave in such a manner. The GNOME API/ABI

I have said many times that my intention is not that downman goes in as it is. Look at the archives, I have said that many times, you seem to ignore me.

freeze is on December 8. The gnome-transfer-manager module will meet
this deadline. I may not have all the time in the world, and I certainly


am not being paid to work full time on it, so I may not be able to meet
up with the Manuel Clos schedule of "I want your code now." However, I

I kindly asked you about the code. I never forced you. Please don't force me to quote IRC.

will meed the schedule that is set for GNOME 2.6, and hopefully the new
module will be able to make it into the release. If you want to actually
co-operate on the project, rather than whining about how it took someone
a few days longer to put code in CVS than you expected, or how you think
something is happening one way, when in reality it is happening in very
different ways, then by all means help. But if you are going to continue
to refuse to listen to anything that is said to you about the project,
and to try to place blame on me, or such, then please don't help, as it
is a waste of not only our time, but yours as well.

There is no plan, there is no code (yes, a hello-bonobo in CVS now, I know), ... please reread archives, I have tried to discuss all of this.

So please, don't loose your time blaming me either. Let's do some work.

Great to see the transfer manager happening, no doubt.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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