native gnome shares (Re: [gnome-network]File sharing from Nautilus, )


sorry for being late.
What do you think of wrapping CORBA interfaces around gnome-vfs and
exposing shares via ORBit?

Server (offers shares):
gnome-vfs functionality for local access is wrapped and exported via

Client (accesses shares):
uses a new gnome-vfs module which operates on server via CORBA. Local
calls are just executed on the server. Some extra error handling wrt
timeouts would probably have to be implemented.

While AFAIK ORBit isn't set up to allow remote operations by default
the infrastructure to do so should be there.
BTW can anyone tell me what ports are used if several people run
instances of ORBit on the same machine?

One downside is of course that it would yet be another (GNOME only)
way to share files
.. but we are taking whole networks over anyways - don't we?

Thanks for any comments, 

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