Re: native gnome shares (Re: [gnome-network]File sharing from Nautilus, )

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 17:33 +0200, st stereolyzer net wrote:
> Hello, 
> sorry for being late.
> What do you think of wrapping CORBA interfaces around gnome-vfs and
> exposing shares via ORBit?

> Server (offers shares):
> gnome-vfs functionality for local access is wrapped and exported via
> Client (accesses shares):
> uses a new gnome-vfs module which operates on server via CORBA. Local
> calls are just executed on the server. Some extra error handling wrt
> timeouts would probably have to be implemented.
> While AFAIK ORBit isn't set up to allow remote operations by default
> the infrastructure to do so should be there.
ORBit allows remote connections. The only thing is that it is not built
in into bonobo-activation, which is the way GNOME apps use to activate
components. But you can still use remote objects by starting them and
making them write their IOR to a file, and make clients load that file
and activate the object via its IOR. It's a bit tricky, but it works.

> BTW can anyone tell me what ports are used if several people run
> instances of ORBit on the same machine?

> One downside is of course that it would yet be another (GNOME only)
> way to share files
> .. but we are taking whole networks over anyways - don't we?
well, that's exactly why I don't like this solution. Having a GNOME-only
way of doing this is ok, but it doesn't integrate into already existing
networks, which is essentially what I want myself.

And no, we are not taking over existing networks, we are integrating
GNOME desktops into them. With things like Zeroconf, it makes a lot of
sense to use standards to discover servers and integrate with no
configuration into an existing network.


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