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Hi all,

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
That is, I was thinking we could have a GNetworkTransferManager class in
libgnetwork (Transfer, because, as we said, we want to support both
uploads and downloads), which manages the different transfers, and which
can be used by other apps (our transfer manager UI, epiphany/galeon,
MIME actions components, etc).

My idea of other apps using the transfer manager was to build a simple bonobo client to the daemon, so that the client takes care of connecting and interacting with the daemon. Then any app that wants to download/upload something is presented with some methods. This is what I have in downman right now:

module GNOME {

    interface DownloadManager : Bonobo::Unknown {

        void newDownload (string url);

Of course, this bonobo client also shows a GUI so that the user can control the properties of the download/upload. Then the interface also needs _events_ so that the program requesting the download/upload is notified when it is finished.

About epiphany, I talked with the developers a while ago and got to the conclusion of implementing a plugin for epiphany that will call the bonobo client. This is because there is already a simple download manager built into epiphany. Of course, it will be great if epiphany uses the gnome-network download manager if it is installed.

Of course, the GNetworkTransferManager is just an idea, but the whole
thing is to have the basic functionality in the library, so that it can
be reused.

What do you think?

It is just as easy as implementing the bonobo thing, since (using downman as the base to gnome-network donwload manager) there is already the daemon and the utility lib for clients (connect, add downloads, ...), and the GUI is just the one Gnome Download Manager presents you when you hit the "New download" option.

I have already implemented the Servers feature in downman, so you can now limit how many connections you want to a specific server. I will now get on internacionalization support and moving to gnome-vfs.

But it seems that Rodney Dawes is going to implement it in gnome-network, so at this point it seems that downman is not considered for going into gnome-network. I have requested before in the list comments about downman, but got no response.

Has Rodney looked at downman? What are the problems with it?

Has it been considered for inclusion?

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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