Re: [gnome-network]GNetworkTransferManager

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 22:16, Manuel Clos wrote:
> Hi all,
> Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > That is, I was thinking we could have a GNetworkTransferManager class in
> > libgnetwork (Transfer, because, as we said, we want to support both
> > uploads and downloads), which manages the different transfers, and which
> > can be used by other apps (our transfer manager UI, epiphany/galeon,
> > MIME actions components, etc).
> My idea of other apps using the transfer manager was to build a simple 
> bonobo client to the daemon, so that the client takes care of connecting 
> and interacting with the daemon. Then any app that wants to 
> download/upload something is presented with some methods. This is what I 
> have in downman right now:
This is internal to the libgnetwork class we talked about. Apps should
not have to talk CORBA directly to access the daemon. Just use the
libgnetwork provided interfaces.

> module GNOME {
>      interface DownloadManager : Bonobo::Unknown {
>          void newDownload (string url);
>      };
> };
hmm, that seems like too little. how would you tell the daemon to
start/stop a download?

> Of course, this bonobo client also shows a GUI so that the user can 
> control the properties of the download/upload. Then the interface also 
> needs _events_ so that the program requesting the download/upload is 
> notified when it is finished.
so, your component implements everything? Apps just activate it and
leave its UI do its job?

If so, I dont like this plan, sorry :-) The daemon should just not have
any UI at all. And it should contain methods for giving it orders (start
a download, resume it, pause it, etc).

> About epiphany, I talked with the developers a while ago and got to the 
> conclusion of implementing a plugin for epiphany that will call the 
> bonobo client. This is because there is already a simple download 
> manager built into epiphany. Of course, it will be great if epiphany 
> uses the gnome-network download manager if it is installed.
well, let's first do it, and then we can propose them to use it :-)

> > Of course, the GNetworkTransferManager is just an idea, but the whole
> > thing is to have the basic functionality in the library, so that it can
> > be reused.
> > 
> > What do you think?
> It is just as easy as implementing the bonobo thing, since (using 
> downman as the base to gnome-network donwload manager) there is already 
> the daemon and the utility lib for clients (connect, add downloads, 
> ...), and the GUI is just the one Gnome Download Manager presents you 
> when you hit the "New download" option.
could you please send a detailed mail of the downman architecture? I
should have looked at the code, but days only have 24 hours :-) So,
please do it, so that we all know what we're talking about.

> I have already implemented the Servers feature in downman, so you can 
> now limit how many connections you want to a specific server. I will now 
> get on internacionalization support and moving to gnome-vfs.

> But it seems that Rodney Dawes is going to implement it in 
> gnome-network, so at this point it seems that downman is not considered 
> for going into gnome-network. I have requested before in the list 
> comments about downman, but got no response.
> Has Rodney looked at downman? What are the problems with it?
> Has it been considered for inclusion?
yes, it is being. Although, based on what you say, it seems it's got a
lot of problems. I'll shut up though until you send your mail about its


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